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Making sure that your aircon stays cool through the summer months and warm through the winter months is essential in Western Australia. Midland and its surrounds can experience days over 40 degrees and nights close to 0 and having a faulty aircon or one that’s run out of gas can leave you very uncomfortable. If you’re noticing that your car doesn’t get as cool or warm as it used to then book in for a car aircon service at ABS Auto Midland 

Signs your aircon needs repair

One of the last things you would wish for on a hot day is hot air conditioning when it’s already blazing hot outside. If that’s the case it’s likely the system is low on gas so it will not engage or one of the critical compoentents that run the system such as the compressor has worn out..

Generally, these are things that don’t usually improve, and an air conditioning service or repair may be required.

It’s a common side-effect while your air conditioning is on to sometimes develop visible moisture or water running under your vehicle. It’s perfectly normal and a sign of a working system, however excess water or moisture build up in side your car is often a sign of an issue.

The problem can be put right quite easily with a simple check of your cars air conditioning system drain hose which can become blocked over time with debris from outside the car.

Bacteria and residue from this excess build up can cause smells, this can be solved with the use of an antibacterial treatment which destroys bacteria growth and leaves your car fresh, see more on this below.

If your Air-con system is cold but it has a smell this does not necessarily mean it has a leak. It may have bacteria build up on the evaporator which is located behind your dash.

This is caused by the changing temps that allow moisture to build up on the evaporator that leads to a build-up of bacteria. So when you turn your Air-Con on and you get that musty smell, you may need an antibacterial service.

This generally involves running a non-intrusive chemical through a machine placed in your vehicle that kills the bacteria leaving your car with a new car smell rather than a musty one.

If you’re running your A/C and hearing noises coming from the system, it may be that a belt is requiring replacement or something is about to fail, like the compressor bearings or idler or tensioner pullys. If you hear hissing sounds from insode the car when the system is running it could mean you are getting low on gas due to a leak.

Air conditioning systems get used all year round, and not just in the blazing 40 degree WA summers. Often in the chill of winter you’ll be using you system to de-mist the windscreen, and trouble removing humidity can be an early sign of a faulty system.

It’s possible to experience reduced fluid flow from the ventilation after years of operation. This can be caused by damaged vent hoods or a dashboard switch. It could also mean the filter the air passes through before it gets to you is blocked or the blower fan is not working as it should. If you feel no air escaping from the vent contact our team to book an air conditioning system check.


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Charles Tutavaha
Charles Tutavaha
I was overwhelmed with the amazing service and it started as soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by the beautiful young lady and then when my vehicle was ready it was completed with a complimentary gift bag after my vehicle being serviced in preparation for a caravan journey . Excellent service and I would definitely recommend ABS for any mechanical issues . 😊
Shelley Campbell
Shelley Campbell
Serviced my car. Decent price and friendly service, even received a gift bag of treats when I picked it up ...
ABS Carried out a full service on my landcruiser. They did a brilliant job with informing me on what needed to be done, advise and also the cost to complete it. Customer service is fantastic. Keep up the great job!
Greg Seery
Greg Seery
Totally please with the experience, I was informed all through the day 🙏 Appreciated the friendly staff.
Brooke Millea
Brooke Millea
ABS were so helpful with a recent tyre replacement. The job was urgent and they had our tyre in within the same day whereas 3 other businesses said it was not possible to get that tyre from the same supplier for 3-4 days. Super friendly staff and by far the cheapest quote too. Thankyou, we will be back for sure.
Cassy Mingo
Cassy Mingo
We’ve been taking our three cars to ABS midland for a couple years. They’re great mechanics and very friendly people. Would highly recommend.
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